Migrating Your Data to Egnyte is Now Easier with Cloudsfer

Cloudsfer features new integrations to help move on-premise data from various ECM systems to Egnyte.

Migrating your on-premise data to Egnyte is easier than ever with Cloudsfer, with the ability to use more than 12 different on-premise enterprise content management systems, including: FileNet, eRoom, Documentum, OpenText LiveLink, DocuShare, eDocs, HP trim, Lotus Notes, and more. Cloudsfer also allows you to create Egnyte backups from any cloud storage, including Dropbox to Egnyte, OneDrive to Egnyte, BIM 360 to Egnyte, and more.

Cloudsfer was created by Tzunami Inc.,  a leading pioneer in data and content migration. Cloudsfer’s new cloud data migration solution not only simplifies data migration but provides a secure way of uploading data to Egnyte cloud storage. It includes SSL encryption throughout the entire migration process and other security features to protect data and ensure no data is left behind.

When transferring large amounts of data, we recommend the use of a third-party tool like Cloudsfer, which maintains metadata, keeps the hierarchy structure, allows for running multiple migration plans, and manages migration challenges according to Egnyte restrictions. When selecting a migration tool with Egnyte, look for the following features: analyze, delta migration, scheduling, apply filters by file size, creation, and modification dates. Cloudsfer has all these features for Egnyte integrations and allows you to personalize and customize development.

Cloudsfer has been acclaimed by users since it is completely safe to use before and during the file migration process. Companies and users can migrate their data in a fast and secure manner while continuing to work on their source systems.

Cloudsfer supports migrations to Egnyte from the following systems:

Sharepoint 2019, SharePoint 2016, Sharepoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, WebDAV, Amazon S3, FTP, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Flickr, Picasa, Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Backblaze B2, Egnyte, JungleDisk, Yandex Disk, Bim 360, File system, NFS, SMB, local storage, SAN, NAS, Windows file server, local file share, file shares, DFS, Atlassian Confluence, eRoom, Documentum, OpenText LiveLink, Xerox DocuShare, eDocs (Hummingbird DM), HPE Content Exporter, Hyperwave, IBM Lotus Notes, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), IBM FileNet, Oracle WCI, and AquaLogic (PlumTree).

Cloudsfer supports migrations from Egnyte to the following systems:

Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive,  OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, WebDAV, Amazon S3, FTP, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Flickr, Egnyte to Google Photos, BIM 360, Alibaba Cloud OSS, JungleDisk, Backblaze B2, Egnyte and Yandex Disk.

How do you use Cloudsfer?

  1. Register for Cloudsfer
  2. Select your source system (e.g. select Google Drive)
  3. Select your target (e.g. select Egnyte)
  4. Run the migration right away or schedule it for later.

If you are planning a data migration to Egnyte, Cloudsfer can help you cut storage costs, avoid surprises, and improve business results. Cloudsfer provides a professional and user-friendly cloud migration tool that allows for multi-user migration and flexible scheduling.  Data migration is simple, secure and problem-free.

Request a free trial now: www.cloudsfer.com

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