Product Update Roundup - October 2020

Our developers have been hard at work updating our mobile applications and the desktop applications for Mac and Windows, as well as enhancing our Secure & Govern offering to bring customers the best possible experience.

Here are just a few of the updates so far from Fall 2020:

Desktop App for Windows

In the 3.9.0 update for Windows, finding what you’re looking for has gotten even easier with a few key improvements:

  • Search within a folder
By right-clicking the Egnyte folder where your content lives, you can now “search from this folder” via the right-click menu.

  • Search filters
Additionally, you can narrow down your search with filters, like file type, time uploaded and who the file was last updated by.

  • Improved results view
Finally, the results view in the Windows app has been updated for better usability and a clear view of the returned results.

Desktop App for Mac

In the 3.9.0 update for Mac users, the Desktop App saw a number of changes; most notably, customers can now connect their local folders to Egnyte via a simple click in the finder and can disconnect them in the same way, enabling quick and easy backup and access and an easier way to urge compliance among users.

Connect and disconnect local folders by selecting the option you want within the context menu.

Secure & Govern

Our Secure & Govern solution has recently been updated to support additional commonly used data sources in Content Lifecycle Analytics; support is now provided for Azure, Amazon S3, Box, Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage.

Additionally, it is now possible to create a custom policy to look for and appropriately classify password-protected material.

Android App

In the latest update to the Android Egnyte app, the mobile team has been hard at work implementing changes based on frequent customer feedback, including two enhancements within the folder navigation:

  • Quick access to bookmarks from the folder navigation view
  • The ability to view the full file path of a folder by executing a long press on the folder while in the folder navigation view

 For more information about these updates and others, be sure to check out our Helpdesk Updates or check back often on the Exchange.

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